House/Plugin showcase, Asking for feedback


So I’ve been working on this game idea for a few days now. Its a heist game. Kinda like GTA and Jailbreak. But just the heists. Currently I’ve made the spawn house and a city generator, And I’d like you guys oppinion and improvement sugestions.

This is the house:

And this is the city generator:

I’m also planning on releasing this city generator plugin to the plublic. But I want to make it more intresting first. That’s why I’d also like some suggestions for the plugin aswel.

The plugin already allows to add custom buildings and change the cell size.


In my opinion, the house is amazing.

And the plugin, even better.
I never saw a plugin like that, if you gonna release it, make it paid sometime!
For someone like me, that struggles making a simple city map, it’s totally worth to pay for a plugin like that!

When you gonna release your game and plugin?

(I didn’t said any ideas for your house and plugin because for me, it’s already perfect! But maybe, someone appears with some important opnions and ideas)


Thnx for the compliments,

I’m not sure when I’ll release the plugin yet. It still needs some work.
About the game. Technically its already joinable it just isnt a game yet. You can still check out the house thoo.

Fun fact. The music in the game is the same across servers. Kinda like a radio station.


Oh, it’s really cool! o.o

(Answer in private message, please) By the way, can you let me use the current version of plugin, please? I want to see it and use it for my game, I know it isn’t finished, but it’s really good!

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This is so cool! Great job! Is it possible to change the road too? I can imagine if one wanted a good city they would want to change what the road looks like

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That is on my to do list yeah. models that are added as new buildings or roads do need a special format in order for it too work (certain names, model with occupied cells of a building) to prevent clipping.

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