Hover GUI Occasionally Bugging Out

Hi there,

Currently the code makes a GUI appear whenever a Player mouses over another Player and shows certain stats about the player. There is an issue though where Player’s will mouse over each other and sometimes see the stats of the Player that it had moused over previously (such as rank or the Special Label). I’m confused why this is happening (it doesn’t happen all the time - it seems to happen only when someone’s name is given a Special Label status or they are in one of the groups that displays an alternate rank), and I thought it would be a good idea to seek out the DevForum for help in finding the bug/fixing it!

I have attached a standalone .rbxl file that contains the GUI and the script associated with it.

Thank you for any help or assistance!

HoverGUI.rbxl (27.4 KB)


if a player hovers his mouse on another player, showing the stats, mind you, wouldn’t be that great, instead if there’s a player list and then if a player hovers his mouse on the player name showing stats and all, that would be better and easier to do too, but i’m not fully sure whether that’s what you want, i’ll just look at the file…

Also parenting directly is not very efficient where you do :

function module.LeaderstatsCreate(Player)

local leaderstats = Instance.new("Folder",Player)--instead of this, separately do..

–leaderstats.Parent = Player

leaderstats.Name = "leaderstats"

return leaderstats


Look at it here, it’ll probably improve how efficient your scripts are.

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