Hovercar continues moving after leaving seat

I have a Hovercar that I’m experimenting with, however the issue I’m facing is making the vehicle stop after the player leaves the vehicle. Currently, the same velocity applied to parts/body movers stays after jumping out. I’m quite new to BodyMovers so I may be missing something obvious.

I’ve tried: (After the player jumps out)

  • Setting the BodyMover velocity to 0
  • Applying a negative force to the BodyMovers
  • Setting all part velocity’s to 0

I could technically anchor the vehicle but that would be unrealistic and ill-suited for what I’m trying to achieve.

The setup:

  • VehicleSeat containing BodyMovers

  • 4 ‘Engines’ that maintain the Vehicle’s distance above the ground

Code that runs every heartbeat

For each engine, I also raycast down, and apply a certain amount of thrust to the BodyThrust in order to keep it ‘hovering’ above round.

Note that this code only runs if the player is sitting in the vehicle.


That’s pretty cool!

Well I’m not sure if you’ve tried this but I would set every force in parts that are welded to the hovercar to 0 force on each axis. Like, I notice you have multiple engines. For example, I would set each one of those engines’ BodyThrusts to 0 force. It sounds like one part in the hovercar still has force applied to it.