How’s my new GFX?

I would love to hear your feedback :slight_smile:


Pretty nice, although the colours are a bit over the top. Don’t worry if that’s the effect you want. Very good otherwise, I’d love to know how to make GFX like this.


Thanks for your comment! I always tend to make my work super colorful, I guess one day I should flip it around :joy:

I used Lightroom and Procreate both on my iPad for these edits, I started in Lightroom and went in to Procreate adding small details (hair, etc) and really just played with every single slider I could find in Lightroom lol. I kept going back in forth between the programs, I didn’t know what I wanted, but I was going for a Five Nights At Freddy’s type of vibe

I paid I believe $10 for Procreate and I pay Adobe Cloud Service monthly which is around $20 ^^

Any other questions you have don’t be afraid to ask :slight_smile:

I absolutely love how you did the colors and mixed them up with the whole beautiful art! But what I’d recommend changing is maybe the background? It looks as if its all red and there isn’t any other effects on the background. You can do it or probably not, up to you. It’s still looks AMAZING!

Goodluck! :+1:


I love the energy and details in this GFX! I have nothing to complain everything goes with everything, the vibrant colors look so beautiful together too. Good job!


Looks great and all but there’s just too much going on in the GFX, I can’t really tell what it’s for exactly. Also I’d recommend removing the phonograph record a long with the other button says emulator at the bottom right and just keeping the logo in the top left.


Love your style! I think its really awesome and my only criticism is that there is a little too much vying for attention if that makes sense. It’s really only the text where that is a problem. Either removing some of the text or finding a way to allow some more space for your artwork would make it better. Other than that, I really like it! Nice job! :+1:


Thank you guys for your feedback!

@Avtixe, @21stPsalm & @The_Platapus, Oh yeah! I agree with you guys 100%, I wanted to also post the other versions to show you guys without the text and the before, it’s very cool to see things in other perspectives, here’s a look :slight_smile:

I definitely will take note on working on the background. I thought of it, but got lazy lol, will work on the next one soon!!! :smile:

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Pretty cool, I recommend adding a bit less effects, a gfx with too many effects can damage the stability of the image.

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