How a character use a server script without cloning that script

hello and im amaro, im trying to look and search information about how to use a server script without cloning?, lemme give the example

so there a folder with a server script that detects if a character is added to the game (player)
and that script let the player uses a server script that when he press a button, on the output prints something (random). and that script that prints something can be usefull for multiple players

(if you ask me why this?, is for a combat system, im trying to make it optimizated so, i used a lot of client side scripts, and cloning it and parent it on the player backpack)

if you want to make server sided code run after a certain action happened or criteria has been met on the client, try firing a remote event from the client to the server (or vice versa)

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i did use a lot of that, and making a lot of connections doesnt feel like to me rn, because i been told that having a lot of connections (remote events) prevents the game being laggy by over time on the server

basicly im trying to make less remoteevent and connections to a function

could you try to elaborate on this please, im having a hard time interpreting what you’re trying to ask

sorry if this didnt help much in your situation, but unfortunately im not aware of any other ways to communicate to the server from the client

also i dont think you really need to clone a local script to a player’s backpack if you want it to run, you should probably try placing it in StarterPlayer.StarterPlayerScripts instead

mmhhh ima try to improvise agein and im wanna show it alr?