How adopt me made pets?

how adopt me made pets?
because they are something between R6 and R15 and they follow you and other stuff but i want to know can i make one like adopt me?

Adopt Me would have a team of animators who would animate the pets, and just scripted to follow you around. Try to research some of the services, like TweenService here. It could be helpful.

Remember that Adopt Me developers would hire very experienced people so don’t expect it to be at that level of quality.

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1.align orientation and Body position except I think they made it so the script gets player’s position and subtracts 2 from it on Y axis so the pet doesn’t just float, and same with other axis
Look at the picture.Pet's and player's Position

2.Now about align orientation you need to do so the pet looks where player’s body look or head look like in the picture

3.When the player is flying on a pet in adopt me you probably saw that the pet looks where the camera looks you could also do this so with align orientation and try connecting pet’s align orientation to player’s camera’s orientation.

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but how they rigged the pet?
is the pet have humanoid?

Heres some tutorials I recommend:

ROBLOX Pet Tutorial How To Make A Pet In ROBLOX Studio - YouTube
How To Make a Pet in ROBLOX! - YouTube
How to make a pet that will follow you! (Roblox) - YouTube


I don’t think so, why do you think that the pets have humanoid thing?

yeah i know but my problem is how they animate it with animation controller or Humanoid?

because he can do aniamtions why not or maybe animationController

I understood you that’s a difficult question.

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so what can i do now is to rig a simple dog and just make it follow me?

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I would assume an animation controller

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I’ve tried making some pets before and I used animation controller for it.

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