How and what should I use to assemble a level editor for a test game?

After finishing a game that only had four levels, I thought about making a level editor for it. But, I do not know how to get a system working (etc how should I do/make it, I’m not asking for people to write a script for me.)

You already posted about this, no need to post again. Just move the old post to #development-support:scripting-support.

what exactly do you want to accomplish?

Just a simple environment where a player can place a limited amount of stuff in a baseplate.

So like cloning items? And you want the player to be able to move the item?

Mhm, i’m wondering on how should I set this type of thing up.

For this I suggest using a grid-placement system. You can find information on creating a system like this in this devforum post:

so I would suggest making a GUI where they can click and go into a shop or there inventory or something and when they click a button for that item it clones it, puts it in workspace, and allows them to move it wherever they want.

Ah alright, thanks for the tip.

Ooh, thanks for sharing that post to me. I’ll be sure to check it out in order to get a better understanding of what I’m trying to do.

no problem,
happy developing!:grin:

You too man, have a great day!

Oh sorry about that, i’m fairly new to the dev forum as I just got accepted yesterday so I don’t really know how to do some stuff here.