How are my animations?

So I’ve made some animations using a custom 9-part rig(r9). I just want to know if the animations look good and at what speed for the feet to look like they accurately stay in the same stop.

here is a picture of my rig:


sorry for the badly cut image

here are the animations

1x walk

1.41...x walk

2x walk

jump, fall, and land

If you have any suggestions, please tell me.


Wow, they look really good! Nice job. Though… WHY DO THE LEGS DETACH THE BODY!? Yeah that’s my only complain. I also find the idle animation to not match the walk, maybe just make the arms stay down? Maybe make the arms folded as an alt animation.

Overall, good job!


So the legs have to detach from the body during most r6 like animations because then it would only rotate and usually not look good. and the idle animation was made with a more shy character in mind. the right arm is grabbing onto the left arm. THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:

I disagree.
I made this animation a long time ago. (Not showing off my work here just an example.)

And the legs are clearly still in touch with the torso, I suggest sort of taking inspiration from this as it would make the animations better.

That looks like more confidence than shyness to me. Maybe try taking a pose online or seeing yourself on how you pose? That’s what I do.

No probs. : D


well the front animation does almost always touch the torso, the others may look weird because of how the rig works

I would think that you would think otherwise if you saw it from the front

currently making then coding in jumping, falling, and landing :))

Aight, I’ve gotten it good enough. main page should update in less than 2 minutes.

Okay but I would still suggest fixing that part as players would probably see the players behind more.

It feels a bit overexaggerateted and the legs also are out a lot.

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I don’t think so, the legs are meant to be awkward
also, please take a look at the jumping, falling, and landing animations

Okay. I don’t really care if you consider my suggestions or not. It’s not my game.

As for the new animations, they are good. But yet again the rest of the animations look off now.

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These animations look very good! Great job on them! How long did it take you to create all of these? They’re nice!

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so the forward animation took me around 30-45 minutes, and the rest took less than 10, especially the other walking directions, they were copy-pastes of the original forward animation because of how I set up my rig.