How are the leaves on most trees developed?

I’m a programmer primarily, but I also have experience in Blender and build occasionally. My main issue, however, is developing the leaves seen on more modern trees (the realistic ones). I can have each and every individual leaf created in Blender, but I cannot figure out how to get the realistic-looking leaves. Do any of you know how to get it?

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I know that some people use decals to make realistic foliage, but this can be bad for performance.

If I recall you can make the planes in blender and then texture them, if you try to do individual leaf meshes you’ll need a large amount and it can cause extremely bad lag. As lSteveRogersl said using decals hurts performance, RBLX doesn’t like decals on transparent blocks or anything between 0-1 transparency the last time I checked. I think you can also make the basic shape you want it to be in and then texture it but I am by no means an expert on nature, I usually try my best to shape the environment so I don’t need leaves and such on my trees.

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Personally I use parts (and lots of them) to make trees realistic. In terms of ultra-realism (lifelike builds) you will need to use meshes, as currently parts are not capable of being made into such realistic textures to that degree.

I would say that if you were going for realistic in general, I would use parts to build it in studio as you can accomplish it that way just as easy, but if you were going for ultra-realism, I would just create leaves in your modeling program then import it all into one mesh.

Either way good luck, and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

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I personally don’t use this method but there are some games out there that use this method. Basically you have a tree mesh without any leaves. Then you use billboard GUIs to make the leaves. This way they face the player at all times. Of course things can get a little weird with rendering and layering but in small amounts it can look really nice.