How are these animations I made?

I made some animations and I think their pretty nice, any feedback? (running) (Spell) (idle in combat with nothing equipped) (Soda drink)


They look cool. The running and spell animations seem a little rigid, perhaps some more knee/elbow action to make the character seem more fluid. Nice work!

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Definitely a good start. I like that you’re using Moon Animation Suite, that’s currently my favourite go-to animation plugin. Animating can be pretty tough sometimes though.


The run animation looks a little too stiff and uptight. I noticed that the LowerTorso doesn’t move at all and the character bends their knees only slightly, retaining that same angle throughout the entire animation. If you take a look at some running animation cycles, you’ll see that knee bending angles are different throughout the cycle.

Understandably though, running cycles are one of the few most difficult animations to create, at least in my own opinion. You’re at a good place, just take refinements a bit further.


The spell animation also feels a little rigid. When the character finishes raising the staff, their hand comes to a complete stop and the character remains motionless for a second or two. You may want to consider a fluid animation that doesn’t have idle motion like this or instead, build up to the arm raising and then push the character backward.

The rest of it is very nicely done. I would, however, recommend removing the backward movement from the animation. Chances are that if you’re creating a game using these animations, then you or the developer will want to create physical back movement. It’ll look as if your character super jumps backward.

Take the default jumping animation for example. If you load it up in the animation editor, you’ll notice that the jumping animation takes place in almost the exact same place as how the character begins in the animator - on the ground. That is because rather than the jump giving the character the upward motion, the physics handles that.


I noticed that a couple of the arm joints move independently of each other (the lower arm moving when the upper arm doesn’t and vice versa). Try to get rid of that behaviour and move the arms as if they’re still, well, attached to each other.

The rest of the animation looks nice.

Soda Drink

Although I don’t typically have any qualms with moving the arms the way they’re done in this animation, some people might not agree with the prospect of twisting the lower arms so much to the point where you can see part of the upper arm jutting out.


I’m otherwise a fan of this animation and out of the four, I do believe this is the best. That being said, it’s also the one which understandably takes less time to craft as it’s a simple action. I feel that simplistic action animations are easier to craft than movement cycles. Idle animations and complex actions vary depending on what exactly is being done.

Good work you have going here. Good luck on your animating journey.


Woah, that’s pretty good. Are you making a game with these, or just planning to make them for fun?

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All are epic, the running is a bit weird, looks little bit unnaturally.

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Just making em for fun, However the spell casting and the run are for a game called alterdrift i’m working on