How are UTG's made?

I found some exploiters in my game, then I saw there screen view and saw something like this :

How do exploiters do that? Just a little confused,

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Usually, they have a 3rd party app/client that injects code into your game that runs stuff like, in some cases, a trolling GUI.
This is also a good way to get hackers to admit they’re hacking. ask them “what client are you using” then report them when they respond.

Well, for it to be replicated on the server. They would have to have a backdoor or “ServerSide” in your game. As for the gui, its just a compilation of scripts that people can require into the server.

If you are looking to remove this. You should look through your models and scripts for any possible backdoors. They will normally be a require function.

Good thing I did, this happened just 2 days ago.

In some cases, it’s a third party application. But they cannot replicate to the server. This is the case of an infected script or backdoor, letting the exploiter direct access to the game. The gui seen here is not third party and was not injected from a third party application, its technically part of the game as the infected script loads the gui.

Usually most of it is client controlled eg animations or character adjustments, if they are doing server effecting changes then you have a backdoor or botted plugin in your game.

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Hm, I actually don’t know who was doing it, I didn’t the leaderboard opened.

Well, speaking of plugin viruses, how would you even get a plugin virus out? I tried to delete one once and it was still there.

I see people saying that exploits can’t replicate to server, yes, this is true for a secure game, but if a game isn’t secure, then exploits can do server sided stuff, it’s just limited by firing remotes, this can be a big deal on what the remote normally should do, if it’s a code execution remote, it’s basically like they have full server side access

So basically if I see random RemoteEvents and I delete them, it’s basically gonna stop them from using exploits?

No, a successful game needs remotes for client server messaging, though a successful game also secured remotes from getting abused

Ohh, sorry I didn’t really understand what you meant but now I understand.