How Are You Able To Mirror Corner Wedges Without Using External Tools?

So I currently find it impossible to use Corner Wedges To create things like swords without having the size of the wedge to be the same for Z and X, so how do you do that?
Is there no way of doing that?

Well, what do you mean by this exactly? Corner wedges are quite tricky so you just have to be patient.

Well, I tried everything with Corner Wedges to have parameters like 0.1, 2, 0.2 and make them touch each other, from my tests you can only get things like pluses, and not actually the effect I’m trying to get, I tried rotating them in any way but it doesn’t work

I’ll have to see what I can do tomorrow afternoon. It’s lights out for me and I have another long school day.

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Could you provide some screenshots of what you have, and perhaps the effect you are trying to achieve?

I have had this problem before as well and from what I have tried there is no way of doing this.

although like @2jammers said it might just take a while to do.

I can provide a screenshot in a few minutes, and here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

If you don’t get what I mean is that it’s thin on the side but wide on the front

I feel so dumb right now, the solution was simply to do:
If the size is 2, 1, 0.5 then to get the mirroed version make the X value be the same as the Z value, like 0.5, 1, 2
I had this problem for days, and the solution was so simple… hopefully this helps someone

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