How Artists Can Compliment a Build


And who ever said that a build has to made by enclosed bricks? Those railings that injan made have textures on both side, they pretty much occupy space.

They’re all assets… although designing may not be 3D Modelling, it certainly contributes to a build.

Also… just making sure, by “Build” I literally mean a build, full map/creation/etc, technically scripting contributes to a build, so does sound, so does art. Title may seem a bit wonky because of the double definition for a builder…


But his railing are technically just texture “painted on” to an invisible 3D part :thinking:


I think that the point being made is that they look pretty amazing and on first glance, many people including myself would not have questioned that the railings are nothing but some pretty good meshes.

To anyone not analysing this and attacking every detail, it is a build. To us, they are textures.

Could be fun to make a full showcase with fully transparent parts and just textures. Could look cool :smile:

would take forever to make the textures and to load them


I am quite surprised on how negative the comments are about this,

Though the main complain is the fact Decal/Textures are a unoptimized design solution, therefore i don’t see it as a big issue, the examples shown are not even abusing out of it and it gives a much more interesting design.

i’ll most likely agree on that, not really “Builders” but can support the maps in various ways.


they actually are the same, though, builders are just 3D artists, that is what they are called in the industry in like, every circle except roblox.


Builders = {Studio Builders, 3D Modellors, Artists}

There are two terms for builders. The non-traditional term refers to anyone and anything that contributes to a map or build. Keep in mind this is anything that is visual (minus gui) in the game that occupies the workspace.


Dude what? An architect is still an artist??? Why do you think so many architectural buildings are considered art?


Technically an architect is an artist. Based on what fields of art they perform, the definition of an “artist” changes. OP of this post only stated “Artist”, creating a vague implication of what art they are talking about. Artists can range from Graphic/UI Design, Assets/Textures, Characters/Character Design, Architecture/ Building Designs,etc. Architects are artists.


An architect is most definitely an artist, but not all artists are architects.

That being said, I fully agree and support what @nurgenius is saying.


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Deleted my comments, shouldn’t have posted on this thread. Made a few stupid remarks.


¿Que? I didn’t see anything wrong with them?


^^^^ I highlight this. I made a mistake in my title wording previously, but this is the emphasis. A build consists of a lot more elements than bricks and stones places here and there. There is art, there is an atmosphere, there is sound. All these contribute to a build and thus merit the rank of a “Builder-er” in a sense that they are contributing to a build. Of course, not all artists do contribute towards builds, some do completely different art – take character art for example.

Thanks for your comment sean :+1:


Although its neat and compliments THIS build, I agree more with @ZacBytes and @wravager . Would you mind providing more examples of builds that have done this? Citing only one example seems… lackluster (for lack of a better term).


This build is better than what most of the “builders” in this thread could make if they tried, it’s odd seeing people get defensive and grasping at straws to validate themselves like it’s some sort of exclusive club. Building is just designing a 3D worldspace, which is exactly what was done here. Assisting the build with textures doesn’t make this person not a builder.