How Artists Can Compliment a Build


Currently, the developer community reaches out to artists mainly for personal art (profile pictures, roblox character art), and game art (thumbnails, logos, etc). A bare few (of the majority) tackle texturing, and integrate art with builds, and I believe that the building community should recognize the power of art and artists with a perfect example.

Roblox recently released a new template to Studio called “Story game.”


Now, I found the build within the game utterly amazing, and naturally began to investigate the area, examining the models. I zoom up the railing, and am surprised to find this:

The railing isn’t physically real…its an image!

I see other such examples of art integration:

Come on these floor designs are pure epic.

I’ve spent a lot more time in this place than I’d like to admit, and I was hard in thought. As a builder myself, I’ve never realized the potential of artists – and I mean people who texture, create these designs, make a vector version of a railing – within my builds. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that art is also an awesome solution to many building dilemmas, that railing, if made in 3D, would have strained the user’s device due to the poly count, with art, it both gives the build greater possibilities for detail, as well as better, limitless control over aesthetic. And to prove that art really is a great part of this build, I’ll proceed to hide every decal, remove every texture id, and delete every pattern.

…And there we go:

Looks bare without the textures, eh?

Well, I do hope that a greater number of builds do incorporate more digital art, textures, etc, and that artists are recognized as builders as much a 3D modellor is. Art really makes a difference!


I don’t recommend using decals to build a map, Roblox decal quality compression makes images look bad


Just because art is used in games doesn’t mean they are builders…

That’s like trying to live in a painting of a house. It just isn’t a house, it looks like a house, but it has no 3D space. That is created by building.


I agree, but using decals while building isn’t always the best solution as @ZacBytes pointed out. The quality is often low and makes it (in some cases) look bad.


As stated by others above, using decals is pretty bad for compression. But it is also a pretty bad idea performance wise to slap a bunch of decals and textures everywhere. You can use textures on various objects and so on, sure, but to excessively use textures is not recommended. Also, if you are making mobile games, textures take up quite a lot of memory and when making games for mobile that is exactly what you don’t want.

Other than that, the images looks cool.


Not only that but loading times are insane when there are lots of uploaded assets.


I’m not saying that the entire place should be made of art, balance is important, and because there is a current lack of the amazing techniques shown in build, I suggest that art is incorporated more. “Builders” refers to people who handle the environment in the visual aspect. I do hope you’ve seen the difference (with/without art), because the build is a lot bare without art. Art can be used to create objects or improve objects through an artistic perspective, eg. the railing that looks fairly intricate, the floor/carpet markings, the maps on the planet globes on some bookshelves. Artists do take part in making the build, and in the end they could make the build a whole lot better.


I’m using this game specifically as an example, if it was able to achieve an amazing effect by using images, then it’s possible that others can as well. Of course, builders have to be performance-smart with using images, but we all do that with meshes and normal blocks, so that isn’t anything special, and is rather a common challenge.

I’m assuming you mean the actual image quality when you say image compression. I don’t completely disagree, the images can look bad…but up-close. It took me a while roaming the place in studio to even figure out that what I was looking at wasn’t 3D, and if applied to a game, it should have the same effect depending on the artist’s quality.

Again, my preach isn’t to force the idea that this art is best in every build or in every case, you have to measure its potential in your scenario. Art is a powerful thing in builds though, as can be seen in the game (I highly recommend you check it out), and I believe that it should be held at a higher status, it is another element in a game, similar to meshes, yet in its own way.

I’d like to throw in the example of the new Jailbreak city to show a more “in-the-field” example:

These windows may look 3D, but they really aren’t, despite how detailed and realistic it looks. This is a perfect example of how images can make something look just as detailed, or even more, and contribute just as well to a build.


Sorry man I gotta agree with the others on this one.

Art doesn’t make them “builders” it does however make them “designers”.

Now let’s use Donkey Kong Country as an example of them being a designer but not builder or modeler.


Less roblox includes tessellation.


I don’t think you understood what I meant by 3D space


using decals/textures on various surfaces really isnt all that bad for performance unless you’re using hundreds of them


Wouldn’t call em’ builders, imo they’re more along the lines of developers which is a bit more broad term. Texturing is a huge part of development and I do think that it makes a massive difference on builds


for reference this build and the textures were made by injanity


@Injanity you did an amazing job on this build :slightly_smiling_face:


This is brilliant! However, uploading times are really slow which makes it inconvenient.


@Injanity Good work!


I’ve always thought the textured buildings in JB looked bad lol, I think they’d be better off using a LOD


I’m hearing a lot that this using decals is infeasible. I’m not arguing that it isn’t, just that they can contribute to a build just as well as meshparts. It’s good to note that just because we may feel that decals are infeasible, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, or even that it won’t be done. Again, I keep referencing Injanity’s build, and have posted the comparison between the inclusion of decals and without. Not only do I notice a difference, but the whole vibe feels different. If he was able to achieve a perfect effect, then anyone can with more or less work.


You build a house, it’s called construction.

You paint a house, it’s not construction. You don’t build paint.

Just because textures and images make something look better doesn’t mean it’s building. If anything it’s called design.