How Bee Swarm Simulator's Bees System works?

Hey there!

To be honest, I’m kind of curious on how Bees are scripted in Roblox Bee Swarm Simulator!

I think the entire code is very difficult but I would like to know how do Onett made them follow the player and move around.

I don’t think he used attachments so I’m wondering on what is he using?
Do bees are Humanoids?
This kind of stuff, a global explanation on what is he using like tweens, Humanoids (with :MoveTo()), Pathfinding…

I’m just curious if someone can make this thing clear for me pls!


I doubt there are any humanoids. From what I believe the system consists of, it is simply random calculations around the player in a radius where the bees then use TweenService to move to. Same applies to when they attack enemies. The system does not integrate with the player but it does encompass the whole game.


According to my observation the bees aren’t really that complicated, they definitely don’t use physics or humanoids. Most likely simple Tweening.

Following the player you can pick a random spot around a player’s radius and Tween to it. Could be achieved by using math.random and finding random angle value between -180 and 180, and a random radius value and convert that into cartesian coordinates relative to the player.

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Oh really this is intristing!

Thank you for your awnser, I now have a better understanding on bees in Bee Swarm :smiley:

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Ok thx you for your help :smiley:

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