How can a building model (done with Blender) be configured to allow players to enter it in game?

Hello Builders,

What are you attempting to achieve?
I created my first Blender model of a building structure and was super excited to have it in my test-game. My goal is to have this building in a Roblox game that would allow players to enter it.

What is the issue?
Unfortunately, when I imported the Mesh and its Texture to Roblox Studio and started up the game and attempted to enter the building, I hit the invisible wall of the object.

What solutions have you tried so far?
I have attempted to look for tutorials that explain how to either set this up in Blender or in Roblox, but have not found any meaningful material.
I attempted to set the whole obj as cancollide false, but this just makes the whole building non-collidable allowing you to walk through walls.

The building could be just a simple hollowed out square with a doorway in Blender. When it is imported into Roblox, it looks just as it looked in Blender. The problem is when you attempt to walk through the doorway which would not allow it.

My question is, how can I create a TRUE hollowed object that players can go in and out of?

Thank you.

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To my knowledge, the only way to really do this would be to make the mesh’s CanCollide false and then put up invisible walls (with normal parts) where the walls of the mesh are.

Alternatively, you could have it rigged to where the player touches the mesh’s door they are teleported to the room. This wouldn’t be “a truly hollowed object” though.


I had just updated my post when I saw your reply.

I had tried setting the cancollide = false and had noted that all the walls are then walkable on my edit.

Okay, I see what you mean about putting up invisible walls to block out players.

I’m curious to see if there are any other suggestions, but it seems like I might have to do what you suggested.

Break your building down into multiple separate meshes. You’ll find this is pretty helpful regardless for easily applying materials and colours in studio.

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Do you mean like if the building is a rectangle, to have 4 different meshes, and in studio, group them together into a single model?

Would this strategy work for a circular building, or is there a way to do a circular building like that?

Would help a bit more if you showed some images of your building

But an example would be to make the main walls individually separate, the roof separate, etc.

Perfect, I’ll go with that! Thank you.

Adding more cuts and data for RBLX to calculate when doing collisions seems to help as well. If I recall they do approximation based calcs so sometimes there are weird errors where it connects two verts on opposite sides and such unless there’s a lot to go on. To the best of my knowledge that’s how it works and it usually fixed the problem for me.

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