How can get local kill tool?

thisis a video on seen from two players’ monitor

Computer guy shoot the gun,
But black guy not get hurt and cant see particle that seem to computer guy… Why cant it?

-This model link-

I changed this model only damage and particle.

pls teach me what can i do xd

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The gun is run on a local script, which does not replicate to the server. This means that any changes you do with the gun (such as lower health of the other player) does not show up to any other player.

In order to replicate what the gun would do, you’d have to do it from the server. Since player input is only available on localscripts, that means you’d have to make use of Bindable Events and Functions | Roblox Creator Documentation, which would then let you communicate to the server that someone has been shot at and needs to lose health. Same with the particles, you’d need to generate them server side so they can be seen.

Client-Server Model | Roblox Creator Documentation explains how client-side and server-side work.