How can I access my published plugin code? (need to get it back down, Ive lost the base files)

So, i have some plugins published in Roblox and wanted to make some modifications on them. I dont have their source scripts saved in my places or files anymore right now, I was wondering if there is any way I can recover the written scripts from the installed versions. Thanks.

There are some possible ways of restoring code from your published plugin, but the fact these method exist also makes it too easy to actually get content of other plugins you did not make (so don’t steal).

Method 1:

Using allows you to get the plugin as a file. Just rename the file and add .rbxm or .rbxmx after its new name.

Method 2: AppData

The Roblox folder in AppData has all of your installed plugins. Go to this path in your file explorer:
AppData\Local\Roblox\<your user id>\InstalledPlugins and then add your published plugin’s ID after. You should see a .rbxm/.rbxmx/.lua file in that folder, which you can drag and drop to Studio.

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