How can I add a projection to this projectile ball's path before it is thrown?

I’m making a football system and I want to be able to project the bath the ball will take before it is thrown. I have a power variable so I want this path to change based upon the power. - the trial behind the football-- I want to display something like that before it is thrown.

I’ve tried this DevForum on modeling a projectiles motion.Modeling a projectile's motion . However, it does not accurately display the path taken. I have hyperlinked a video on the inaccurate projection when following the tutorial hyperlinked above. Both velocities used in throwing the ball and projection are the same as I have printed both and they matched up perfectly.

For the ball’s movement, I am using BodyVelocity along with CFrames. I can show the lines of code if needed.

Any ideas or feedback on how to achieve this? Thank you in advance and I will respond as soon as I can to any questions or feedback.