How can I add aiming to my viewmodel?

Hello, I have been working on an FPS system, but I am struggling with adding aiming to my system, Here is what kind of results I want to achieve:

Is there a way to get the viewModel to lerp to the CFrame of a ‘AimPart’ But still be in the middle of the screen?
Thank you!

Heyo, one way that I see many people doing the aim down sight is by welding an invisible part where the camera gets lerped to which you have already figured out which is awesome! So when you want to make the weapon actually move to the middle you can use two methods, lerp the camera’s CFrame to the aimpart, or set the gun’s primarypart CFrame to the camera using :SetPrimaryPartCFrame() with an offset of course and that should work just fine, I recommend you use the weapon to camera method though as it is less complex and will have fewer issues, I will link you a dev forum post that may help in your situation.

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