How can I add more detail to this fort?

This fort was given to me by a friend to use for a clan, it looks lackluster at the moment and I’m completely lost on how to make it look better. Any tips on how to improve this?


Looks amazing! However, you might need to add more “life” on the surface, like plants, or dead plants, fallen trees, etc. You also need to make the lighting, more realistic! It looks a little boring without great lighting! Overall, its good!
Edit: Keep up the good work! :grinning:


Thanks! I was also looking to add more detail the walls so they don’t look so flat but I don’t know where to start. And I’ll be sure to add lighting as well, thank you for the feedback! :grin:

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I think the border wall need more texture, you should add baseboard to the wall with a different texture like concrete or such. And add some pillars to it, but not too uniform so it’ll looks natural.

Nice fort btw!

look up inspirations online lol

The fort theme feels well done, however, its still kinda flat and its basically just putting “stuff” onto the flat surface. The colors are only black, yellow, white as far as I can see here. Maybe try adding some oomph into it.

Some forts have more structured walls with smaller details, perhaps try making the walls future a brick formation with spaced out bricks from each other something you will see on a castle and many fort designs.

There are many ways to improve the quality of your design the color scheme is quite aiming towards a grey and black theme I’m assuming that’s what your going for? Most of the details kind of bland in with most of the objects placed throughout the map. It’s making the place look bland and repetitive. Give it more props try changing things up to enhance it.

If your lacking ideas images are a good help to have by your side, while finding ideas or details that you can add to your build; to have a little realism to the scene. Try modifying objects as i

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Personally I would remove those existing objects scattered around the base and do more organising. Better colour palette, designs, etc.

I think you should play more with lightning. Try to add some fog to it or/and make the ambient darker with some lights in the buildings and outside.

Also, I just had a idea, you might wanna add some craters, hills, or more terrain if you wish!

Personally, not a big fan of the colors chosen. I would suggest to change up the colors, and add more variety of materials.


Completely agree, the colors are really repetitive and dull.