How can I add reactions to Discord Embeds?

I was wondering how I can add Reactions to Discord Embeds through Discord Webhooks, I searched on Google for a little bit and can’t seem to find any answers. Here is my code for everyone wondering. Everything in this code works, but I just don’t know how to add the Reactions.

	local spawn = script.Parent
	local Url = -- Webhook url
	local Http = game:GetService("HttpService")
	local cooldown = false
	local Data = {
	['embeds'] = {{
			['title'] = "Test",
			['description'] = "Description",
			['color'] = 000000,
			['url'] = "",
			-- Reacion to Embed here except idk how to do that

	local FinalData = Http:JSONEncode(Data)
	Http:PostAsync(Url, FinalData)

You cannot do that simply with a webhook: you would have to send a request to the endpoint that adds a reaction to a message.

Create Reaction

You would need a bot token or a user token to be able to do so.

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