How can I add the enemies within an enemy cycle inside of a module script?

Hello developers.

I’m making a 2D, Tower Defense game and starting to work on the enemy cycle for the first level in my game. I’ve have an enemy cycle within a module script which is located inside of a script called “Battler_Handler” located in ServerScriptService which is primarily used to control the Battler’s movement and what team they are on.

As the title says, I don’t know how I can get the enemies within the enemy cycle to appear in-game. This is the enemy cycle if you are wondering (Inside of the module script):

StageModule.EnemyCycle = {
	[1] = {
		["EnemyName"] = "Dummy",
		["Amount"] = 2,
		["Cooldown between Spawns"] = 1

Anyway, how can I achieve this? Also, keep in mind that I’ll be adding more enemies into the cycle whenever the first enemy cycle is completed.

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just to make sure, you’re trying to make so that two dummies are made every 1 seconds and you want them to be spawned into the workspace? as a rig?

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Yeah, something like that. I’m also adding to add more enemies once the first level enemy cycle is done.


ok this is just an example of how you can do it:

right here is the main “Battle_Handler” script. it has a child rig named “EasyEnemy” underneath it (assuming you are going to make more enemies such as harder ones you can change the name or make a folder under the script instead with all of the enemy models, this lets you change the models color and stuff if you want to.)

anyways, like i said here’s the BattleHandler script:

local ServerStorage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local ModuleScripts = ServerStorage:WaitForChild("ModuleScripts")
local StageModule = require(ModuleScripts:WaitForChild("StageModule"))

local easyEnemyModel = script:WaitForChild("EasyEnemy")
local spawnPos =,50,0)

while true do
	for i = 1, StageModule.EnemyCycle.EasyEnemy.Amount do
		local easyEnemyModelClone = easyEnemyModel:Clone()
		easyEnemyModelClone:WaitForChild("Torso").Anchored = true
		easyEnemyModelClone:WaitForChild("Torso").Position = spawnPos
		easyEnemyModelClone.Parent = workspace
		spawnPos +=,0,0)
			easyEnemyModelClone:WaitForChild("Torso").Anchored = false
	spawnPos +=,0,0)

The spacing and anchoring and all that is just to display that it is working as intended i hope. here is the revised module script as well:

local StageModule = {}

StageModule.EnemyCycle = {
	["EasyEnemy"] = {
		["EnemyName"] = "Dummy",
		["Amount"] = 2,
		["Cooldown"] = 1

return StageModule

if you want to you can make more values inside the module like health, speed, etc. stuff like that. also, here is the structure that i used when testing (if you would like to test this yourself):


i hope this is mostly what you were looking for!