How can I align my accessories to move with my custom rig animations?

Hi, I have been having a major issue making the accessories move with my custom rig, can any one suggest me the best possible way of making the animations actually move along with the head?


Is that the location of the head on your rig?

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No, thats where the HatAttachment is.

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have you tried… moving the attachment?

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Hi, sorry for the late response,

Moving the attachment does nothing, I can align it properly with the head the only thing is I want it to sync with the Walk, Jump, etc animations.

The head attachment that is on the head, it should be called HatAttachment or Hat_Att (make a new rig and see what its attachments are named.) and it should be where you want the hat to attach to.

the attachment that is on the hat should be in the right place as well

If that doesn’t work, weld it :woman_shrugging:

by it I mean the hat to the head