How can I attach any user accessories onto a dummy

So I am making a character customizer but when entered I want to have the dummy, as the character which I already done, to have all of the users accessories but at same time I don’t want to make a for loop for every accessory there is to weld to the player as thigs like waist items may encounter problems.

If the dummy has a humanoid and all of the attachments in place, the by default parenting the accessories will automatically weld them into place

For every accessory the player has, use dummy.Humanoid:AddAccessory(your accessory)
This will not generate lag and is compatible with any accessory

It works and all but I wanna do this from client side

If you can’t then just parent the accessory to the dummy model, and it will work similarly.
The main difference between just parenting it, is that if you have an attachment in the accessory then the attachment will not be connected.
Most accessories don’t have attachments in them anyways, so you should be fine

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…or you can just parent the dummy to the player’s camera :smiley: