How can i automatically add tools?

maybe the title wasnt clear, so ill explain.

basically i have a sort of grocery shop in my game that has a LOT of products, well what i thought of to make all these products tools that the player can equip to go product by product and give it its elements, but im pretty sure that is not effective and time consuming

so how can i make a sort of script that makes the tools automatically and apply those elements from a module, for example

[“bread”] = { – just the name of the product

[“hunger Filled”] = 80 – the amount of hunger filled out of 100
[“Price”] = 20 – just the price
[“Edible Times”] = 3 – that basically means the player can sort of chew it 2 times


so it checks the module and makes the tool’s elements in an attribute according to the module automatically

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Press the </> button, not the " button.

Create a module to store your product data. You can structure it as you mentioned, with each product as a table with attributes.

return {
    ["bread"] = {
        ["hungerFilled"] = 80,
        ["price"] = 20,
        ["edibleTimes"] = 3
    -- Add more product data here

Create a script that reads the module and generates the tools based on the data. Place this script in a location like ServerScriptService, which can access the module.

local productData = require(game.ServerScriptService.ProductModule)

local function createTool(productName, productAttributes)
    local tool ="Tool")
    tool.Name = productName

    for attributeName, attributeValue in pairs(productAttributes) do
        local attribute ="IntValue")
        attribute.Name = attributeName
        attribute.Value = attributeValue
        attribute.Parent = tool

    return tool

for productName, productAttributes in pairs(productData) do
    local tool = createTool(productName, productAttributes)
    tool.Parent = game.ServerStorage -- or wherever you want to store the tools

Once the game kicks off, this script takes care of things. It reads the data from the module and crafts tools on the fly for each product, complete with their unique attributes. These tools find a cozy spot in ServerStorage, ready for players to grab. It’s a slick way to streamline how you manage your product details and tool creation, saving you the hassle of manually building each tool. Whenever you need to add new products or tweak existing ones, just update the module, and the script does the rest, automagically.

Good luck!


thank you very much for the effort on helping me !

No prob! Feel free to send me a message if you have any other questions. I’m happy to help, and I wish you luck in what you are doing!

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