How can I avoid being warned for uploading a decal?

I was warned for uploading something called “UI 3” that looks like this,

Yeah unbelievable, I know. Anyways, how can I avoid being warned for literally no reason next time for uploading a decal? Thanks.

2 words. alt account

bottom text


It’s unfortunate that this is the actual only answer to protect your main account. Roblox moderation needs a serious overhaul


sums it up about right…got warned for the letter “E” lol


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well to be fair, star creators don’t get moderated at all, so your other answers to protecting your account iare either to just make obscene amounts of money with roblox and you get a free pass, or be a big youtuber that makes roblox big moneys


You can use an alternate account to do asset uploading for your game in-order to prevent your main account from being warned/moderated due to a false detection (usually).

Many developers that I know have a throwaway account dedicated to uploading decals. Just do that

Change one pixel, re-upload. It’ll force a re-moderation of the image, because it’s effectively a separate image.

To add onto this, file names can sometimes influence the upload/moderation.

So try changing that as well :man_shrugging: ?

Otherwise, do the popular method of a throwaway account.

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Because i was an idiot and exploited on my main years ago, 1 decal that could be misinterpreted by the roblox moderation could mean my entire account and all my games could be lost forever