How can I blend a part with the skybox?

I’m trying to make a part blend with the skybox for my levels because ontop are the other levels and I don’t want the player to see them so I put a part that tries to blend in with the skybox by putting the top skybox texture on the part, I tried reflectance but it is the skybox in reverse.
Thank you

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Look at the replies on this post. Or you could also just try moving your levels away from each other

I actually looked at that post before and I tried doing what the first reply suggested but as in the screenshot of my post it doesn’t line up and I just want to know if there is a better way. Thank you though

You could try using an atmosphere (so that it’s completely invisible if it’s far) or scripting it locally so that the level only gets parented to the workspace when they’re in that level and then parent it back to server storage when they finish it.