How do I make a part match the Skybox?

I’m trying to make a part that can match the Skybox. First I made the Reflectance maxed, but it just show the reversed image.

You can see the sky box but it is flipped the wrong way.

How would I flip it so it matches the Skybox?


The skybox is just 6 images, we can access them by adding a Sky instance under lighting and copying the texture ids, which you can put on a Decal, ImageButton, and ImageLabel.

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There’s an easy and a hard way.
The easy way requires decals and textures like choco said but won’t match the skybox all the time.
The harder way is to change everything else’s transparency to 0.01 and change the skybox part material to glass and transparency to 0.01-0.99. Experiment with the transparencies a bit because I forgot the values to get an XRay effect with glass.