How can I blur gui elements in surfaceGui?

I have been looking for answers for a month now, Im already sick and tired. So let me get this straight no twist and turns.

So, I decided to make a reflection system similar to @Ethanthegrand14’s Here is a video:

I succesfully recreated it but theres a minor issue, I can’t figure out how to achieve the blur effect that Ethan performed. For nearly a month, I’ve searched high and low, looked for answered, Still couldnt achieve it.

Please I need help with this thing, also note that this thing uses BoatBomber’s Gradient Canvas. Please Please my curiousity is killing me here, I keep getting stuck here.

List of things that i tried:

  1. Using Blur textures on the toolbox (Z-fighting issue occured, it was also too hard to look for the right one)
  2. Using Gradient Circles (Makes the reflections have circular spots, reducing the transperancy is also useless)
  3. Using Gradient Squares (Z-fighting again, the effect wasnt achieved).
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Based on that video it looks like the texture is not a blur, but rather has to do with the mirror material and the quality of the reflection (how pixelated it is).

All you had to do was turn the SurfaceGui’s PixelsPerStud to a low number, like 5. (RIP all that time you spent for something so simple…)

If this is wrong, then you could follow what Ethanthegrand14 said in the comments section: “…i have used SurfacesGuis with image labels that blur the image to give the illusion of higher resolutions”


Hmm, ill try this later today, lets see if it works. but its kinda sus ngl…

Try Lowering PixelsPerStud In SurfaceGui’s Properties

didnt work, it was close, but the gui will suddenly pass the part border.

maybe use lower quality texture?

no… I used normal Frames, so your basically telling me to lower the quality of the frames colors. reducing mirror quality doesnt fix the issue, it would make it worse

i dont know im out of ideas sry

Hmm maybe i can change the size of the pixels…

i dont know try it :heart:
if that doesnt work then dm me again

nope didnt work, still didnt achieve the effect.

Slightly randomize the tracing direction. This achieves the blurring effect :slight_smile:

wait really? why dont i believe you…

okay I decided to try something else, just slapping a transparent image blur on the reflection, here is the result:


Uhh i think its almost there?