How can i calculate the chances of getting items?

i have created a chance system but i dont know how to calculate the chances, i dont want them to be too high that its just common nor i want it to be too rare that you cant have the higher values heres my table and tell me if its good or too rare to obtain these values or too high thats its just common

	{5000000, 0.0000001},
	{15000, 0.0000667},
	{10000, 0.0001},
	{5000, 0.0002},
	{1000, 0.001},
	{500, 0.002},
	{100, 5},
	{50, 10},
	{10, 30},
	{5, 50},
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Generally, theres no right way to properly balance the odds of a rare drop to a common drop. Its more in the case of, how rare do I want item X to actually be and how much effort should my player put in to obtain item X.


sorry for not putting this post under game design supprt and thank you!!!

I’m assuming that the first value in each array is the “reward” or whatever and the second is the weight.

You can divide the weight of x item by the total weights of all items to find the percent.

E.g. 50 “coins” has a weight of 10, 10/(0.0000001+0.0000667+0.0001+0.0002+0.001+0.002+5+10+10+30+50)=9.52%

But ofc as @metatablecatmaid said you should focus more on the effort/time vs. rarity rather than the actual percent as players aren’t mathematicians

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