How can I change default Animations dynamically?

Hi, I rarely ever work with animations and when I do, it’s usually only very basic playing and stopping animations. However for the personal project I’m working on right now I need to do some more “complex” stuff. Basically, I have 2 different idle animations under Animate.idle.Animation1 and Animation2 and I want the player to be able to switch between these by pressing a key. I haven’t found anything online explaining how to do this, so far I’ve tried changing the weight of the animations on keypress like so:

animate.idle.Animation1.Weight.Value = 0
animate.idle.Animation2.Weight.Value = 10

and also changing the animation Id of the animation like so:

animate.idle.Animation1.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://xxxxx"

Neither of these methods have worked, so I assume that the animate script must load the animations and weights as soon as it’s created so you can’t change them 5 minutes later. Is there an easy way to change animations like this that I’ve overlooked?

Use a pair to find the anims then math random to switch threw them randomly