How can I change terrain colors in different areas?

Basically, imagine I have a plains area, and I would wanna make the grass there green
But I could also have a desert area, where I would wanna make the grass look more yellow

How would I do that?


If you are using Terrain, grass (called Decoration on the Terrain instance) is only available on the “Grass” material. you can’t have grass on other materials. One way to make grass appear on sand is to clone models and put it on the sand.

The example i used was kinda bad
so imagine i had blue rocks in one area right?
but in another area i wanna have red rocks
how could i do that


Check this out

But i dont think you can have the same material in different colors (havent watched the video so idk)

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You can’t, but you can make a feature request if one doesn’t exist.

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You would have to take one of the materials you have available, lets say lava, and make a material variant of it to be blue rock. Use that in one area. Then take another material, lets say concrete, and make a material variant of that for red rock. And use that material elsewhere.


He is asking about different areas, where grass has different color in each area. This isn’t possible because each material has fixed color which changes grass color everywhere, you can’t specify different color in different areas.

What you are showing:

What he wants:


Hi there!

Sadly, this is not currently possible. However, it has been requested as a feature to Roblox. Here’s hoping we get it in the future!


i hope so :frowning: its needed a lot to make good buildings…

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