How can I change the chat name color for everyone playing my game in Studio?

Hello Developers!
Recently I’ve wanted to add tags to my game for people that have certain memberships but I can’t find anything related to changing the username color.

I want my tag system to look similar to the one in Pet Simulator X :


You don’t have to make me an entire system, just help me on what I should be using
: )



I have actually found out how to change the name color and here is how :

1 . Run the game and copy all of the children of the Chat category in the explorer.
2 . Exit the game and paste the folders you copied into the Chat category just like they were when the game was running
3 . Open Chat Modules and open the ExtraDataInitializer script
4 . Go to line 85 and you should see a Run function looking like this :

5 . Just change the colors from the and test the colors \(゚ー゚\)

This is how mine looks after changing the colors to Medium stone grey: