How can I change the default avatar type in my game?

It appears Roblox has changed the way you can change the allowed character rig types in each game you make. The directions on the “avatar settings” page on Configure Game told me to go into Studio and go through the same process again. Only to find out when I do exactly what I did on the website, Studio opens a regular webpage right back to the settings page where I was already at, which gives me the exact same instructions again.

This isn’t right…super, super confusing and unorthodox. Thanks for any help!


Just a note; this is the wrong category, but I’ll still be helpful and answer, lol.

Once you open studio, you’ll see the Home tab at the top.

Click the Game Settings button on the right.


You’ll then see this menu.

Click Avatar and you’ll find all the settings there.


I think this would probably be more appropriate for #development-support:design-support. Either way, the method above is your go-to point.

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I’ll note that. Thanks guys, I guess the old UI studio style didn’t have that game settings button, so I couldn’t find it anywhere.