How Can I Change the Player Rig without publishing my studio place?

I’m working in a local place file and so far the only way I know how to change player rigs to R6 is to actually publish the place, and then set it using the game settings. There is no other way. I tried putting a humanoid into the StarterPlayer object and setting that rig to R6 to no avail.

If I’m not mistaken, its defaulted to “Player Choice” meaning if you join with your avatar set as r6, it will be r6 ingame.

If you set it to r15 in the avatar customization, then you’ll join in studio with r15. You can test it if you like. I dont think they changed that?

Nope, it doesn’t make a difference. It will always default to R15 even if your character is R6 rig in a local place file. I should make this a feature request to be honest.

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Go to StarterPlayer, I think there is a option to change between it.

Or you can just do this:

              character.Humanoid.RigType = Enum.HumanoidRigType.R6

That doesn’t work either. You have to create a template character of desired rig and then transfer all of the attributes of the your own character to that rig, and then set your character to that rig. However, why should I need to do that(yes, this method works) if I should be able to just go into the properties and change it myself?(before runtime)

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Yeah, I don’t think there’s a way to properly do this anymore. The setting, apparently StarterPlayer.GameSettingsAvatar, isn’t even available to be changed from the Command Line.

Any reason why you won’t publish to Roblox in a temporary place?

Edit: You could create an R6 rig and set it as the StarterCharacter under StarterPlayer, that’ll enforce R6 but it won’t load your appearance.