How can I change the R15 Animations of a Player, if the Game Setting "Animation" is set to "Standard", so game.StarterPlayer.AllowCustomAnimations

Normally, you can change the player’s character animation, by changing the AnimationId within the descendants inside “Animate” or by adding a script in StarterCharacterScripts, or by applying a modified HumanoidDescription.

However, if you would be uploading a game, you get access to these settings.

If the “Animation” one is set to “Standard”, I’ve been finding it difficult to change the players animations, like running, walking, etc.

However, I am able to change the animations with the methods mentioned at the beginning, if it is set to “Player Choice”.


So what I am wondering now is. How can I change the player’s character R15 animation with the setting “Animation” being set to “Standard” ?

Preferably a way without having to change the Animate script first. I am pretty sure modifying the Animate script somehow makes a change, but I was wondering how to do it without changing the standard Animate script source itself.

The setting changes this value “AllowCustomAnimations” that is part of “StarterPlayer”, however this property is not even visible in the editor in Studio.

I’ve been checking, there doesn’t seem to be a way, without changing Animate script or doing like something else that somehow overrides the stuff.

And for R6, the Animate script for that one doesn’t check the AllowCustomAnimations setting, that’s why it works for R6.

I am pretty sure you can’t change player animation without copy-pasting character animations script and editing animation asset links inside script and values. And yes this method works with game animations set to “Standard”.

I believe that if you play the game itself in studio, you can copy and paste your Roblox avatar in the explore section. From there, you can stop playing and paste your avatar, then go into its components. There should be some animation scripts within your avatar.