How can I change the screen resolution in roblox by script?

Hello guys, so I currently have no scripts regarding the feature I want to make.

So first off, I’ve seen some few games have this feature in their settings UI, those games that specifically have it are untitled tag game and specifically one of those “realistic” csgo games on Roblox.

Secondly (most important thing i want to tell), So I do not want you to write a script for me, instead, I’d like an explaination to how I can implement such a feature as this.

Here is how stretched res looks for those that want an example:

Thanks for reading.

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This community tutorial could probably help you: Easy Camera Distortion and Manipulation (GONE WRONG) Professional edition CUSTOM SHIFTLOCK NEW || Roblox Roblox Studio - Resources / Community Tutorials - DevForum | Roblox It has some humor involved in it.

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It worked. Thank you for the solution!

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