How can I change this game to make it profitable/worthwhile?

I took a break from developing for a few months, and released this game originally 6 months ago, however it didn’t take off. I believe that it’s a decent game that had a lot of effort put into it, however think it’s missing a few things.
The game focuses on giving users the opportunity to showcase their own clothing. They can earn or buy currency which can in-turn mean that they can afford a shop to sell their own items.
I would appreciate it if I could get some feedback on what you would change to make the game more profitable for me and more enjoyable, and if I should indeed begin working on it again. Thanks!

Hard to say … It looks great. But, In my opinion: You need to fill the place up to get that part to kick in. Maybe a dance hall, food court, play area. The many things you find at a mall. Need someplace other than the parking lot to show off your new styles. If a mall only had one type of item and thing to do, it would have a hard time keeping afloat. Now if this was in say Bloxburg the amount of traffic would let this work out better as is. In short you need other things to attract people to this. Also way more items to buy.


Premium benefits ! Maybe make it so premium users get more coins or cooler gears to purchase, can even do ““premium rooms”” with ““expensive”” outfits or something.

Worthwhile: Maybe do a row of “outfits of the week” that people can come and check out, be alert for holiday outfits and make festive updates to go with them. Give people an incentive to invite their friends like a boost of coins, and make it easy to invite friends. Could also do another way to get coins other than sitting around - could they spawn around the map?

A more gripping name could go a long way, although “The Avatar Mall” promises exactly what you get, it doesn’t spark anything more, if you’re not looking for a mall for your avatar then it’s not the game you’d want to click; but if it’s a brandier name it could grab more attention by standing out in like, an ad.

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There was are one to two malls out there with a similar concept to yours. I think the problem both malls had was just selling clothes is too difficult to maintain people in the long run. 99% of people only want to sell clothes and when they don’t see any sales, they just leave.

I’m not saying it can’t work but you’d need to add some interesting stuff to the mall outside of clothes being the main factor.

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