How can I change this number to a decimal?

how can fix number ?
(edit)i just want to see 0.00005 in text label

What’s the issue? That’s just scientific notation for 0.00005

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yes i know but im want to see “0.00005” in text label not 5e-05

You can use string.format then. string.format("%.5f", x) will format x to 5 decimal places. You can change 5 to whatever number of decimal places you want, but keep in mind it’ll do zero for them even if it isn’t that long. For example, 10 → 10.00000.

(The “.” is so it formats decimal places and the “f” is so it’s a float/number with a decimal, rather than an int, so don’t change those two.)


Is there a way for long numbers? (Like 1.43526726898567867896e+250) would be converted to 1 insert 250 assorted numbers here

I think the maximum is 99, so I couldn’t say. You lose precision after like 20 digits, though, so getting what’s actually stored wouldn’t be super helpful. You could use something like BigNum or parse the number as a string if you’re really determined, though.


Miner’s Haven does it all the way up to uncentillion, so i know it’s possible