How can I check if I can show a user a Twitter link?

I have found this policy API:

When called, it returns a dictionary with the table “AllowedExternalLinkReferences” as an entry.
This table will be an array of strings each mentioning a platform the user is allowed to view external links to. Note that on the linked API page above that Twitter is not mentioned in the example.

When I call the function myself on my own account I get the following response:

["AllowedExternalLinkReferences"] =  ▼  {
    [1] = "Discord",
    [2] = "YouTube",
    [3] = "Twitch",
    [4] = "Facebook"

I know my account is allowed to view Twitter links because I can see them on my games page

So my question is: How can I properly check if a user is allowed to be shown an in-game link/handle to my Twitter? Is there another API, or is it simply not allowed while Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and Discord links are?

Since nobody is responding I looked around to see what other games were doing (by looking in the Top Earning category on the Discover page) looking for what other developers have been doing.

Blox Fruits

Combat Warriors

These games just show their Twitter handle among other things so I’m just going to use the Policy Service to check if a user can view Discord links and if they can, then show them my Twitter.

If this is against TOS, well these other developers are getting away with it and must be making bank if they’re top earners and Roblox doesn’t seem to care.