How can i clone random model?

Can someone help me and tell me how can i clone random model from ServerStorage with script. I only know how to clon 1 model, but i don’t know how can clone random model from this storage.

local serv  = game:GetService('ServerStorage')
local clon = serv:WaitForChild('clon')
local modelu = clon:WaitForChild('Model')

while true do
			local model = modelu:Clone()
			model.Parent = game.Workspace['3']
			model:MoveTo(, 3.732, -324.757))
local Children = ServerStorage:GetChildren() -- Gets an array table of all the children under serverstorage
local RandomIndex = math.random(1,#Children) -- Gets the number based on how many children there are
local RandomModel = Children[RandomIndex] -- Uses random number to retrive a value from array table

-- Add clone code
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You might be aware of this but for those who aren’t the “1” argument to math.random() can be omitted, if math.random() is called with a single argument the lowest integer of the range of potential random numbers is always 1 by default.