How can I connect the arms to the steering wheel?

Greetings! I’ve been working on my game but there’s a problem.

What I want to do is make the hands spin with the steering wheel, but I just can’t find out how.

I looked for some stuff before typing this down but it was all in R15, so I genuinely have no clue and I’d appreciate anyone’s help.

This is the vehicle’s file in case it can help
Kart.rbxm (406.0 KB)

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im not sure, but i think inverse kinematics are good for these kind of stuffs, but i repeat i’m really unsure as i dont work with these kind of stuffs.

You could use a Motor6D and attach “Grip” parts to the steering wheel for the arms to hold. Set the Motor6D.C0 to the Arm Position, and the .C1 to the CFrame of the grips.

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