How can I convert shirt template id to website asset id?

I am trying to analyze the title/name and description of the player’s shirt. But, while testing, I can only see the clothing template url/id of the player’s shirt. I need the web id of the player’s shirt so I can view the details of the clothing.

The Clothing Template url is: 6936060137 (The one I know) The Actual Web Url I need it: Catalog - Roblox 6936060144 /Butterflies-Front-Tie

As you can see, these are different. Is there a way I can convert the TEMPLATE URL/ID to the WEB URL/ID?

I’ve tried just getting the description from the clothing template id using marketplace service but this didn’t work. It only worked when I had the web url.

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Go to roblox studio, find some random NPC with clothes on, paste the shirt url onto the shirt of the NPC, press enter, and the ID will be different from the one you pasted in, copy that new ID, then replace the old ID on the url, and press enter.

Here’s a video of me doing it.
I pasted " Yellow Plaid Top - Roblox" into the shirt, and then pressed enter, and then i got the asset link which you can paste into your browser url thingy.

Wait are you trying to turn the asset into a catalog item you can get?

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There’s no way to convert a shirt template to a website asset id. I did go through the Inspect and Buy (Examine) CoreScripts to try and understand how it was displaying the character’s individual assets as purchasable items but most of these are derived from the HumanoidDescription.

There are two ways you can handle this. The best way is to use a HumanoidDescription if you need to apply assets to a character. You’ll only be working with the website id in this case and the engine will take care of rendering it onto characters for you. The other method is to manually store both the asset id and the template id in a place where you can reference it later.

If you go with the HumanoidDescription method and it conflicts with your own set up of your mannequins/avatars/whatever then convert as much of the customisation as you can to the HumanoidDescription object, apply it first then apply any other assets you want afterward. You need to use the description first because it’s authoritative of the character’s appearance (clears unassociated assets off the character and then applies what the description specifies).

InspectAndBuy if you want to scroll through the avatar inspect menu. It’s a Roact-based feature so there’s a few hoops that you need to jump through to find some things especially if you’re not familiar with Roact (which I’m not, so it took a decent amount of time to find the source for fetching assets).

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ty, Humanoid Description solved the issue! :smile:

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