How Can i create a part that displays the chat

So I was updating a VR System for my game and thats when I wanted to add a chat Gui to the left arm but I could not find a way how to do that so has anyone got any idea of how to do this?

anyways im trying to make something that looks like this


Insert a billboard gui to the arm of the player’s character. The billboard will follow the hand.

A billboard gui will always face the camera however. If you don’t want that, I recommend welding an invisible part to the hand an then insert a surface gui

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i welded a part with a surface gui to the players arm

You can make it like this, but you still have to set the size of the player label and colors.

local PlayersService = game:GetService("Players");
local AllPlayers = game:GetService("Players")
local DefaultFrame = script.Frame

		for i, onePlayer in pairs(AllPlayers:GetPlayers()) do
			local Frame = onePlayer --> your frame
			local NewFrame = DefaultFrame:Clone()
			NewFrame.Player.Text = tostring(PlayerChat)
			NewFrame.Text.Text = tostring(Message)
			NewFrame.Parent = Frame


is the frame in the image a normal frame for a scrolling frame?

normal frame (ignore this text)