How can I create a TextBox where the username will get autocompletet?

Hello Community,

I will create a ban panel and I don’t know how to make a TextBox where you can type like the first 3 letters of name and then autocomplete with keystroke!
I hope somewone could help me with that question.

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Here is an idea to get you started…

  1. A TextBox has a Focused event, you can use that to tell when a person is typing.
  2. You will want to constantly check the TextBox to get the most recent inputed player text.
  3. When you have the most recent text you will want to loop through the player’s in the server and either compare String.sub(PlayerName, 1, NumberTypedCharacters) to the TypedText, or use String.find(PlayerName, TypedText). It depends on if you’re looking for exact text or a substring.
  4. After you have the first result from your String.sub or String.find then you could autocomplete the word, or simply display the option to click on one of the results using a scrolling frame or something else. I would suggest possibly using the option method until there is only 1 match for your typed text, then you could auto complete.

Please note that this section isn’t for asking for free code, it’s where you obtain help for solving your problems. As the person above has mentioned, you can use string manipulation with the text contained in the textbox and compare it to player usernames


Nowhere in the information topic for this category does it say it is for obtaining help for solving your problem, it just says it is a support category for everything related to scripting. He did not know how to script what he needed, so he asked. He did not ask for a completed model of the ban system, just help with part of the script.


I made an incorrect assumption that he was asking for the whole model. :pensive:

Mistake on my part.


Let’s assume you want to autocomplete when you press the TAB key, similar to in Linux (this could interfere with the text in the box, so I recommend using another key, I just use this as an example).

You can use the ContextActionService to bind and unbind an action on the tab key based on the TextBox.Focused and TextBox.FocusLost events, as mentioned above. The event bound to the TAB key will be our search function for the player.

For our search function, firstly we need to get the players using Game.Players:GetPlayers(). This returns a table of player instances. We can then search through their names.

So, when the user presses TAB (or whatever you choose), we get the players like this and dump them in a local table. Now, we get the current text of the TextBox, using TextBoxName.Text, also stored in a local variable.

Finally, we need a table of found matches, which should start empty.

Now, we can loop through the player instances searching for a match with the text we obtained.

We can use find and sub for this, as it returns an index on a successful match, and nil on an unsuccessful match. First, extract a sub string with sub so that we only search from the start to the end. Go from the beginning of the string, to the length of the TextBox text.

Next, run a find on it, if it does not return nil, the function found a match. Now, append it to the end of the array of matches.

Finally, for our result. If the table of matches found more than one, there are multiple possible players, and we should do nothing. Return from the callback if this is true. However, if we found just one, we can set the text of the TextBox to the name of the player we found.

Your code would look something like this:

function findUser()
    local players = game.Players:GetPlayers()
    local text = NameOfTextBox.Text
    local matches = {}

    for i, Player in ipairs(players) do
        local name = Player.Name
        local term = string.sub(name, 1, string.len(text))
        local match = string.find(term, text)

        if match then
            table.insert(matches, name)
    -- If we don’t have multiple matches , do stuff
    if not #matches > 1 then
        NameOfTextBox.Text = matches[1]


There are of course other things you can do with this, it’s just an example. Play around with it and tell me how you get on.