How can I detect what face of a part that the player can see?

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I’m trying to reduce the amount of surfaceguis that are constantly updating viewportframes by making it stop updating (aka reducing it to 0-1hz if yk what i mean) whenever said surfacegui’s cant be seen by the player or the view for it is obstructed.

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So im making a reflection system using viewportframes:

then I realized that since all parts that have a reflection above 0.2, will have all sides constantly updating their reflections, basically with 3+ parts there are 18+ surfaceguis each with viewportframes that have a heck ton of parts always rendering. Now , the viewportframes and number of parts arent really the issue , but the issue is that there are too many surfaces being rendered with reflections that arent seen by the player, so its straight up wasting a certain amount cpu/memory usage and plummeting fps to 15.

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I tried using attachments and magnitude, but realized that isnt very useful.

Maybe you can use