How can I detect when a player is exploiting with a free cam script?

Because Workspace.CurrentCamera doesn’t replicate to the server, is there any way to check if a user is using a free cam script, without relying on client-side checks? If so, how would I go about implementing this?

This is mainly for privacy reasons. E.g., I wouldn’t want an exploiter to view someone’s conversations in a room that’s supposed to be inaccessible to them.

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These are done on the client so you HAVE to use a local script. Yes it can be bypassed, however a client-side anti-cheat wouldn’t hurt.

Many exploiters might not think of bypassing your anti-cheat

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You’d be best off not replicating private room movement/messages in the first place. any camera changes need to be checked on the client basically making security impossible as any check can be removed.

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Not possible really. You can implement a local check but people will find a way around. The best you can do to limit information leak is to place a server check for when this information is broadcasted.

An example would be not sending the contents of a message to players within X amount of studs of the speaker, or checking if there are barriers in between. You could also slide around the problem altogether by providing private channels and having those messages only relayed between participants.


That’s unfortunate, thanks for the information.

Thank you for the information, I’ll probably just make a custom chat system, as troublesome as that’d be.