How can I disable everything but the chat button


Is there a way to disable the chat window and the chat box but not disable the chat button and be able to detect when it’s clicked, etc? If this is not possible, I’ll just use topbar.


Any responses will be appreciated

You might be able to do it (if you use the old chat service at least) by having a local script that waits for the chat to be loaded, then removing all UI elements apart from the button. You’ll have to experiment a bit and look in explorer while the game is running to find out what elements to remove.

Do you think there is any way using TextChatService?

SOLUTION since nobody wanted to respond

Pretty much you would disable both of these in TextChatService


Then in code to know if the Chat button is activated or not, you can use game:GetService("StarterGui"):GetCore("ChatActive") which will tell you if it’s opened or not.

How I used it for my code

	while task.wait() do
		radio.Visible = srv.starterGui:GetCore("ChatActive")
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