How can i display ascii art without it breaking?

I’m currently trying to put an ascii drawing on a textlabel, but the problem is that the textlabels sesem to break the drawing completely, i’ve left both the ascii drawing and the comparisson so you can see what i mean

(If this is on the wrong category please move it to the right one, i’m not sure if this would fit here)

████████  \
███▀ ▀██████
▀OO▀▀▀▀▀ O ▀

I have tried adding spaces and it works, but it’s extremely tedious so i hope there’s a less “Trial and error” way of fixing it.

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You could just upload them as images.

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I’m aware of this solution, but i would prefer if it could be displayed as text as making an image would kinda remove what makes ascii art what it is, if there’s no solution then i’ll most likely use the imagelabel solution, it wouldn’t look really good on my eyes, but i have no other choice

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Have you tried changing fonts?

Can you also recategorize this into #help-and-feedback:art-design-support instead?

I’ll move it, and yes, i’ve tried changing fonts and no results

You could upload each block (ex. a wheel, a full black square, and the lines you have) and you could recreate it to get the same effect as a text label. It won’t look low quality or stretched.

Yeah i’m just gonna use this method instead, sucks that i have to do it that way, but oh well